Former Employyes File


Against Elon Musk's Twitter December 9, 2022 Story: Javed

Two former Twitter employees have filed another lawsuit against Elon Musk

alleging gender

discrimination in the company.

In the new lawsuit against Twitter, the former employees said it laid off an

unfair share

of women workers.

The lawsuit — filed in San Francisco Federal Court — also alleged that Musk's new policies had a


impact on women.

According to data analyzed in the lawsuit, Twitter laid off

57% of the its female

employees and only 47% of its male employees.

Elon Musk

cut over half the company's workforce since he took over in late October.

Several lawsuits have already been filed against Twitter accusing it of various

unfair practices .

In one of the previous lawsuits, former Twitter employees had alleged discrimination against

disabled workers.