Jimmy Wales Says Wikipedia “Not For Sale”

December 08, 2022

Story: Divya Sinha

Jon Levine in his tweet tagged Elon Musk and asked about the cost of Wikipedia.

Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia replied to the tweet and said the company is "not for sale."

Musk attacked the company a few days ago after it appeared to be considering removing the "Twitter files" page.

A Twitter user posted a screenshot showing Wikipedia editor voting to remove Twitter Files.

Musk responded to it by saying Wikipedia has a


left-wing bias and also tagged Wales asking about his thoughts.

Musk released the ‘Twitter Files: Part One’ revealing how the Hunter Biden-Laptop story was censored by the social media platform.

Responding to the release of the ‘Twitter Files’, former US president argued that the files showed evidence of fraud and deception in 2020 US Election.