Ripple CTO Asks

Elon Musk

To Fix This Bug On Twitter October 31, 2022

Ripple CTO David Schwartz tagged Elon Musk in a tweet and asked to solve spam related issues.

Schwartz asked Musk, “can you fix it so that scammers can't respond to my tweets to reach my audience and then block me so that I can't hide their replies or see their spam?”

Ripple CTO asked that he should see and be able to block any tweet that uses his reach to reach his followers.

Many crypto personalities on Twitter have complained about crypto spam bots.

Elon Musk himself had earlier hesitated to buy Twitter because of lack of transparency on Twitter spam bots data.

Elon Musk had proposed an $8 subscription plan to defeat spam bots on Twitter, but the plan backfired as many new users signed up with parody accounts and got blue ticks.

Elon Musk has delayed the relaunch of $8 Twitter Blue subscription indefinitely.