Rich Dad Poor Dad Author Remains Bullish On Bitcoin, Blasts SBF

November 28, 2022

In a Tweet calling out FTX fiasco, the famous Rich Dad Poor Dad author said SBF-FTT-FTX is crypto code for “I see stupid people.”

Blasting at FTX, Kiyosaki said only stupid people believe that big brand universeities can turn “polyamorous weirdos” into “financial geniuses.”

As FTX fiasco unraveled, several reports had claimed that FTX founders and top execs lived in luxurious Bahamas penthouse and were involved in polyamorous relationship.

Kiyosaki further alleged that big universities are as corrupt as big pharma.

Comparing SBF with America’s Chief Medical Advisor, Anthony Fauci, Kiyosaki said, “SBF and Fauci are both power hungry nerds.”

Earlier, the famous finance author had said that he believes the economy is the biggest bubble in world history.

Robert Kiyosaki continues to remain bullish on Bitcoin.