Fan Tokens Heating Up 

In Qatar

November 29, 2022

FIFA World Cup 2022

boosted the interest in cryptocurrency associated with sports teams.

According to a Paris-based crypto data firm Kaiko, the average daily trading volume for these tokens increased to around

$300 million in November

from $32 million the previous month.

Lionel Messi Argentinian team token

plunged 25% to $5.26

after the team lost to Saudi Arabia.


Messi’s Fan Token is down 22%

as fans were relieved by the team win over Mexico.

Cristiano Ronaldo's coin surged

119% to $7 in the 10 days

leading up to the tournament but was almost halved in value despite being undefeated with Uruguay.

For some these tokens provide an opportunity to engage with the site and

receive perks such as bonuses.

Whereas for others, tradable coins offer new

investment opportunities .