SBF Admits "Improper Access" In FTX Hack

December 1, 2022

In his recent interview with NYT, former FTX chief SBF has admitted that there has also been some actual improper access of assets on the exchange.

He doesn't have the resources to trace through exactly what happened there and doesn’t know who is behind that third part, the bankrupt FTX Co-Founder told the NYT journalist.

During the interview, SBF also reiterated his claim that FTX US is fully funded and could begin withdrawals today.

In an interview with Tiffany Fong published on Tuesday, the disgraced FTX chief explained why FTX prioritized Bahamian withdrawals.

He’s narrowed down who might be behind that shady $650 million hack the night of the Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing, SBF said.

SBF also said he believed that the US team took action to seize some of the assets and put them in custody for the exchange.

It has been announced that the Bahamian regulators took some of the assets into safekeeping as well, he said.