"There Were No Wild Parties” SBF Replies on Drug Use

December 1, 2022

In his recent interview with NYT’s Andrew Ross Sorkin at the DealBook summit, SBF denied claims of organizing wild parties with FTX employees.

There were no wild parties at FTX office with employees. When we had parties we played board games, he told the NYT journalist.

Replying on drug use, SBF has claimed that he didn’t see any illegal drug use at the office or at these parties.

And when he says parties, it means having people over for dinner, that’s what that meant, the former FTX chief said.

Sam Bankman-Fried was asked about drug use amid the crypto exchange’s shockingly abrupt collapse this month.

Replying on drug use, SBF said he had his first sip of alcohol on his 21st birthday and it maybe have half a glass of alcohol.

Several rumours about the lavish lifestyle of SBF and his colleagues, who lived in Bahamas penthouse, were doing rounds on social media since the FTX collapse.