SBF Complaints Against FTX New Chief In New Podcast

December 5, 2022

Former FTX Chief Sam Bankman Fried has complained about FTX new chief John Ray in a recent interview with The Block’s “The Scoop” podcast.

“John Ray and his team did not communicate with me and they did not respond to a single message that I had sent to the new FTX chief,” SBF said.

Taking aim at Ray, SBF claimed he has been iced out after the firm filed for bankruptcy Chapter 11.

“There have been a lot of statements that have been made that have been put on legal record that I knew to be false,” former FTX chief said in response to a question about Ray and his team.

“The firm was in the hands of inexperienced, unsophisticated and potentially compromised individuals” FTX new chief had earlier slammed SBF.

The former CEO’s crypto empire was once valued at $32 billion, and now SBF says he has roughly $100,000 left in his bank account.

SBF has been seen in media appearances since the FTX collapse and , talking with the press and joining audio chatrooms to tell his side of the story.