SBF Still Owns $100 Million Stake in

Twitter : Report

November 23, 2022

According to a report from Semafor, Elon Musk asked SBF to convert his public Twitter shares into a stake in Musk's privately-held company.

After midnight on May 5, a few weeks after Musk offered to buy Twitter for $44 billion, the Tesla CEO texted Bankman-Fried asking him to convert his shares.

An FTX balance sheet from this month has listed Twitter shares as an "illiquid" asset, per Semafor.

Earlier, text messages between Musk and SBF’s advisor revealed that FTX founder was willing to invest up to $5 billion in Musk’s $44 billion deal.

When FTX collapsed, Musk said SBF set off his BS detector when he proposed to invest $3 billion.

In a Twitter Space earlier this month, Musk had said that he did not trust SBF would come through with his investment despite what everyone said about him.

Twitter and FTX have not confirmed if these series of incidents were true or not.