SBF Caught Playing

League Of Legends

During Sequoia Meeting November 10, 2022

FTX Chief SBF was

spotted playing

League of Legends in the middle of a meeting with Sequoia Capital partners.

It comes amid the uncertaininty as FTX fears insolvency.

SBF is looking to raise

$3 billion to $4 billion

in equity with the exchange potentially raising some debt to cover the shortfall, the report said.

SBF reportedly requested $8 billion in

emergency funding

from investors to cover a shortfall caused by a surge in withdrawal requests to FTX in recent days.

In his

November 9

call, SBF outlined ways to help solve FTX’s financial woes , reports said.

According to WSJ, FTX Chief will use his

personal wealth

to make customers and investors whole.

FTX is seeking rescue financing in the form of a combination of debt and equity in order to

avoid liquidation,

reports said.