SBF's Parents Reportedly Bought Property Worth $121 Million

November 22 2022

FTX chief SBF, his parents and crypto firm's top executives has reportedly bought 19 properties worth $121 Million in Bahamas  over the past two years. 

As per the reports, the properties include luxury beachfront homes, including 7 condominiums in an expensive resort community called Albany, costing almost US$72 million.

According to Reuters search at properties, FTX Property Holdings Ltd, an FTX unit, bought 15 properties worth nearly US$100 million in 2021 and 2022.

Its most expensive purchase was a $30 million penthouse at the Albany, a resort where Tiger Woods hosts a golf tournament every year, the report said.

He lived in a house with nine other colleagues and his firm FTX provided free meals and an in-house Uber-like service around the island, SBF told the Reuters.

FTX has already filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the US on November 11, seeking court protection as it looks for a way to return money to users.

FTX collapse affected  over1 million customers and other investors facing total losses in the billions of dollars.