Tim Draper

Predicts Bitcoin Price November 18, 2022

Renowned Billionaire Tim Draper told Bloomberg that Bitcoin's price could reach


Furthermore , he added that it can even surpass these super bullish price targets.

In the video interview, he explains that it will take time to buy food, clothing & shelter all in

Bitcoin . 

Women control 80% of retail spending.

He said, “When women realize that they can get a

discount by paying in Bitcoin

and when retailers realize that they can double their profits by accepting Bitcoin, it’s gotta move pretty quickly.”

When asked about FTX crash, he said it was predictable because the platform was

"very centralized".

On the contrary, he specified that BTC is good as it is


At the press time,

BTC is $16,730.90

and with a live market cap of over $321 billon USD.