Top 5 NFT 

child artists

who are at the top of their crypto game November 14, 2022

NFT market has revolutionized the business sector. It has had a far-reaching impact on not only adults

but also the youth.

Here, take a look at the Top 5 NFT child artists

Teresa Melvin

13-year-old NFT mastermind Teresa from Kerala, India has  minted 100 NFTs. 

Image Source-Instagram/Teresa Melvin


10-year-old autistic child, Sevi,  rose to prominence in 2021 after selling NFTs to collectors in Asia, North America & Europe.

Image Source-Twitter/SeviLovesArt

Laya Mathikshara

Laya is a 15 year old digital artist from India. In 2021, she sold NFT artwork for $1 million.

Image Source-TOI 

Nyla Hayes

Nyla is a 13-year-old digital artist whose work has been acclaimed by TIME Magazine. 

Image Source-Instagram/nylacollection_nft

Emilio Barrera

Emilio is 8-year-old digital artist and his work is collected all over the world.