Here’s The List Of Top 7 Most Searched Crypto

Story: Divya Sinha

December 26, 2022

As per the dollargeek data, the most searched crypto cryptocurrency in the year 2022 is Bitcoin with an average of 28,410,000 searches every month worldwide.

Second on the list is Shiba Inu with over 4,430,000 monthly searches worldwide.

Considered to be the first and most popular meme coin DOGE ranks 3rd on the list. It has an average of 5,850,000 searches worldwide this year.

Ethereum ranks fourth on the list with 3,840,000 searches worldwide. ETH holds 2ndrank in terms of market capitalization.

Avalanche ranks fifth in the list and received 861,000 searches around the world every month.

Rank 6th is secured by Litecoin with around 796,000 global searches.

Cardano ranked 7th with 1,470,000 searches worldwide, but only 247,000 searches in the US, less than LTC's 269,000 US searches.