Twitter Blue Comes With 

New Modifications

December 13, 2022 Story - Divya Sinha

Twitter announced that it has re-enabled Twitter Blue sign-up for iOS and web users, replacing the "Official" label with a gold checkmark on some business accounts.

According to the company, Twitter Blue subscribers will get access to subscriber-only features such as the ability to edit a tweet.

While government accounts will get a grey checkmark.

Twitter Blue was originally launched in early November before being suspended due to a spike in fake accounts.

It was then scheduled to reopen on November 29th, but was postponed.

Recently it was reported that Twitter will change the price of its Twitter Blue subscription products from $7.99 to $11 when paying via the iPhone app and $7 when paying via the website.

In addition, the site's lower prices are also likely to attract more users to the platform than signing up on an iPhone.