Here's Another Change To Be Introduce Soon On Twitter

December 09, 2022

Story: Divya Sinhs

As per the reports, Twitter will roll out new controls as early as next week to prevent businesses from showing ads above or below tweets containing certain keywords.

This effort is to reassure and bring back advertisers who have pulled ads from the platform since Elon’s acquisition.

Twitter derives nearly 90% of its revenue from digital ad sales.

Musk recently attributed the “massive drop in sales” to civil rights groups putting pressure on brands to suspend Twitter ads.

According to the source, Twitter officials said the platform is considering bringing in-house content moderators.

A Twitter representative said that bringing content moderators in-house would allow the platform to invest more in moderating languages other than English.

The comment comes after Ella Irwin, Twitter's new head of trust and safety, told Reuters that the platform will rely more heavily on automated content moderation.