Twitter's Crypto Head Exits Amid Mass Layoffs

November 18, 2022

Twitter’s crypto division chief Tess Rinearson has left the microblogging platform in the wake of Elon Musk's acquisition of the company.

According to Bloomberg, a senior software engineer Hamdi Allam has also left Twitter’s crypto division.

This comes a day after Twitter company employees projected Musk’s name outside of the Twitter HQ in San Francisco.

Internal strife and staff reduction have been rampant since Musk’s Twitter takeover last month.

However, it’s unclear how Musk’s takeover and Rinearson’s departure will impact Twitter’s embrace of NFTs.

Besides mass layoff, new Twitter CEO has recently told employees that if they couldn’t commit to a strenuous work schedule they should quit.

Twitter’s decision to allow users to use NFTs as their profile picture was made under Rinearson, Bloomberg reported.