What's The Difference Between Hot & Cold Wallets

November 10, 2022

A Cold Wallet does not have an internet connection while a Hot Wallet always connected to the internet and crypto network.

When not in use, Cold Wallets are not connected to any internet connection. This is the reason why such wallets considered as safe more secured.

Hot wallets are used to send and receive cryptocurrency and allow investors to view how many tokens are available to use.

Hot wallets are linked with public and private keys that help facilitate transactions and act as security measures.

Hot wallets, which are connected to the internet,  tend to be more vulnerable to hacks and theft than cold storage methods.

Cold wallets are affordable, safe and secure from various threats including hacks, phishing, and other attacks that can result in permanent loss of tokens.

For investors, the Cold Wallets are considered as the easiest way to hold coins.