Why Elon Musk Won't Let Alex Jones Back On Twitter?

November 21, 2022

Elon Musk won't allow far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones to return back on Twitter

Musk's reaction comes in response to an American philosopher Sam Harris tweet "Is it time to let Alex Jones back on Twitter, Elon Musk? If not, why not?"

This year, Jones was fined a record $965 million to family members of eight Sandy Hook shooting victims

Jones had spread false information for several years until he apologized, several times, and said he was wrong.

In one of his tweet, Musk talked about the death of Nevada Alexander Musk who died 10 weeks after he was born while referring to the Alex Jones-Sandy Hook School Shooting controversy.

On Friday night, Musk conducted a twitter poll asking whether Trump should be reinstated.

Trump's account was reinstated on Saturday following the poll result where a section of users wanted the former president back on the platform.