XRP Lawyer Predicts SBF’s Prison Time

November 19, 2022

XRP lawyer weighed in on how much prison time SBF could face for his role in the FTX crash.

Replying to a tweet saying Sam Bankman-Fried set to face criminal charges for fraud In New York, Deaton said, “One of many. 10 years here and a life sentence there.”

John Deaton suggested in his tweet that SBF could be seeing a range of sentences in the Bahamas and in the US.

SBF’s prison time could range from 10 years to lifetime imprisonment.

Though SBF has not been charged yet, he might see inside of the prison if he is found guilty of deliberately mismanaging users’ funds at FTX.

Sam operated FTX from the Bahamas, which falls beyond US jurisdiction.

However, SBF might be extradited to the US as FTX’s operations affected US citizens.