These Food Brands Entered Into Metaverse In 2022

December 27, 2022

Story: Divya Sinha

Metaverse is a combination of two worlds, virtual reality and mixed reality, that users can interact with virtually when accessed through a browser or headphones.

DappRadar reports suggest that demand for the Metaverse remains strong despite the drop in trading volume. Here are the

Top 5 food brands

which entered into Metaverse in 2022.

American fast food giant


in February 2022 filed trademark applications indicating it plans to offer "a virtual restaurant featuring actual and virtual goods" and "operating a virtual restaurant featuring home delivery."


entered Metaverse in April 2022. This was in collaboration between Wendy and Meta's Horizon Worlds. Wendyverse is more than a virtual restaurant.

Burger King

has entered the Metaverse, filing a trademark application stating that it plans to offer virtual goods, including food and beverages.

Panera Bread

trademarked an application called "Paneraverse" with a virtual restaurant offering physical food delivery.

Taco Bell

joins the Metaverse with the opening of the Taco Bell Metaverse Wedding Chapel, a virtual space within the Decentraland Metaverse.