US Reps Maxine Waters Asks SBF To Testify Next Week

December 6, 2022

Story: Mohd Javed

United States Representative Maxine Waters has forcefully demanded former FTX chief to attend FTX hearing on Capitol Hill

In response to SBF's tweet, Waters said SBF has harmed over one million people.

Your testimony would not only be meaningful to Members of Congress, but is also critical to the American people, she also said in his tweet.

In her tweet, Waters also tweeted that it is imperative that SBF attend hearing on December 13 and willing to schedule continued hearings if there is more information to be shared later.

On Sunday, SBF tweeted that he would testify before the committee after he finished learning and reviewing the events that led to FTX collapse.

In the tweet, SBF said he was unsure if that would happen before December 13.

SBF has denied any fraud in a series of interviews last week after his company's collapse stunned investors and left creditors facing losses billion dollars.